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metalgearstoned said: You don't post much do you

Not on this blog no. I created this one for a class years ago. And I just don’t really use it. But it happens to be my dominate blog. Because I created it first. This is the one I use daily
Check it out. It shows my “true self” if that makes sense.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? Girl Scout cookies, a tall glass of milk & a dog sleeping at my feet. My conclusion after today - God built us to last.

How I do

I go to the Purple Room for journalism. Wander into the Blue Room for literature. Then get lost in the Gold Room for a touch of murder and mystery.

Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay, AK

What a name, right?


The final book version I made of my friend’s log entries from his tour in Iraq.

Good friend of mine.

People are hard to come by.

Sitting on my kitchen floor leaning against the oven, cup of tea in hand and doing my tell all twisted-ness to my dear friend. Midway through she asks, Remember the clouds? Um no. I don’t remember saying anything about clouds. She continues, Seriously? It is like my motto for life right now. Well when I was telling you about my gray cloud issue with Courtney and work you said to me ‘Honey, you can run from your clouds all you want but in doing so they will grow, and once that storm hits all hell will rain down on you. And you won’t know what hit you. So go and face your storm.’ After you told me that I did just that, I faced my storm. In facing it there was such a relief and freedom after that. SO Rachelle, do that. Confront your cloud. Dammit. Why did you have to say that? I didn’t, you did silly. I only reminded you.
Yep. In that moment I had my own advice and words come back at me and slap me in the face. Hilarious.
I wonder why I have to say things that sometimes make sense.


For fuck’s sake. (at Jamison Square Park)

Today was lovely :)


For fuck’s sake. (at Jamison Square Park)

Today was lovely :)

The sign reads:

The coffee is free.
“Here’s your ticket - please take a seat.”
People watching comes with a service fee.

To love like God loves

Simply. Unconditionally.